Hiking around the vineyards of Château Thébaud

My husband and I had been wanting to do some proper hiking for a while and also needed to stock up on some Muscadet, so with the kids away with their grandmother and the amazingly good weather last weekend, we decided to seek out a hike in the Nantais vineyards. Last week, I translated the... Continue Reading →


My Year in Wine

The 2018 harvest is nearing and it is nearly a year since I started this blog. As expected it has been hard to keep up a regular blogging rhythm, but it has been a fun year with plenty going on. My most-read article was my guide to Muscadet and the village cru appellations, which is not... Continue Reading →

What’s it like being a wine judge?

When a call for tasters for the Concours Ligers (Loire Wines Competition) held in Angers popped up in my facebook feed, I decided to submit an application and was accepted. After the Concours Général Agricole de Paris, this is one of the biggest wine competitions in France, receiving around 2,000 entries from across all of... Continue Reading →

Meeting Jo, Domaines Landron

On an awful rainy day in November, I accompanied digital strategy company Mineral to Domaines Landron, one of the better known Muscadet making estates of the Nantais area. Jo Landron, who runs the estate with his wife, is one of the pioneers of biodynamic winegrowing and the idea of a system of ‘village crus’ for... Continue Reading →

Muscadet: A ‘Cru-cial’ Guide

In just a few days, people all over the world will be adorning straw hats and stripy tops in true Frenchy style n’est-ce pas  to celebrate the release of this year’s Beaujolais Nouveau, which is legally allowed from midnight on the third Thursday of November (more on that later this week). But did you know... Continue Reading →

Nantes and its Wine Trucks

With the recent craze for food trucks, I knew it wouldn't be long before we were seeing wine trucks around and about. Last week, I went to hunt  down those pioneering this excellent idea in Nantes: the Muscadet Truck and La Cave en Voyage.   If you were at the Muscdetours event this weekend, you... Continue Reading →

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